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FEGradio Live!

FEGradio Live! is the first radio show to broadcast on the FEGradio Broadcasting channel. It is hosted by the FEG Voice Chat community, airing twice weekly, and  is focused on bringing information, education and exciting entertainment to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space.

FEG: Behind the Scenes

In FEG: Behind the Scenes, we bring you closer to the people behind the Feed Every Gorilla project. More than one hundred volunteers dedicate countless hours every day to making the FEG project a success, and this podcast is dedicated to those silent warriors who make it happen. Join us each week as we bring on a new member of the FEG team, as we share their stories and bring to light the dedication and passion that drives them. The FEG: Behind the Scenes Podcast is brought to you by FEGradio.

El Crypto Refugio

El Crypto Refugio, un espacio seguro dentro del mundo crypto para hablar de noticias, buenos proyectos y los que no lo son tanto...

Cultura Crypto

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Holding Hands

Apaixonado pelo Defi e cristão onde me encontrei com uma missão de levar as pessoas a conhecer este mercado, fantástico  de forma seria levando a um Defi seguro em especial através de canais como Feg Token onde sou ADM da comunidade Brasil do Projeto Feg, que tem por missão trazer um espaço no Defi mais seguro e rentável. Trabalhei muito anos como administrador de empresas coordenador de projetos e hoje busco levar educação financeira básica através do Defi.

Zedbot’s Games Reviews for Noobz

Coming soon!

The Blue Couch

A podcast specializing in bringing DeFi projects to mainstream investors. Talk about real projects with real use-case, while launching from the FEGex ecosystem. Get ready for 60 minutes of your favorite projects that bring visitbility to the developers, marketing and administrators of the team. Always Raw and Uncut.

"Get that bourbon ready and let's talk DeFi."